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Google My Business Posting: Reach Beyond Your Followers

As customers increasingly engage through internet-based channels, 63% of shopping journeys begin online (source). While retailers rely on Facebook posts or websites, posting on each location's Google My Business (GMB) profile is critical.

With Google dominating the search engine market share at almost 94% (source), most of these journeys start with a Google search. This, and the trust that comes from a Google My Business profile is indispensable for your retail business. With 81% of consumers stating trust affects their purchases (source), the trust inspired by GMB is a major benefit.

A robust online presence through GMB posts and reliable client communications (such as through GMB’s messaging service) can also play a part. Customers are kept up-to-date and remember you are reachable.

Your GMB profile contributes to customer convenience as important information is readily available. With the simplicity of one-tap calls, messages and appointments, customers are more likely to engage with your products.

The importance of a GMB profile for retailers can’t be understated. The boost to visibility, as well as customer convenience and trust, will help grow your brand and expand your reach.

Other benefits of GMB posts include:

Reaching More People: When you post on GMB, it increases visibility in search, meaning more people will find your business online.

Building Brand Awareness & Affinity: You will provide your audience with better information to help them through their buying process, as well as keep them current with timely updates.

• Engaging With Your Audience: GMB posts allow you to engage with your customers right in Search.

Start posting!

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