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What Does Alexa Say About Your Store?

The proper utilisation of Alexa in terms of running a business is vital to success. As the

use of voice searches on devices like Alexa and Google Assistant rise in popularity, it has become essential for businesses to recognise smart devices from a marketing perspective.

Voice search has become a way of life. In 2020, half of all searches were voice

searches, through a mobile assistant like Google or Alexa.

A voice search survey conducted in 2018 by BrightLocal also found:

  • 58% of U.S. consumers had done a local business search by voice on a smartphone

  • 74% of voice search users (the 58%) use voice to search for local businesses at least weekly

  • 76% of voice search users search on smart speakers for local businesses at least once a week, with the majority doing so daily

If Alexa and Google Home isn't finding your retail store, you're missing out on business.

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